Connect your apps, automate workflows.

Scale your operations faster, with more flexibility

SmartApps to Automate Workflows

SmartApps keep data in sync. 
Use SmartApps to automate your business. Choose from our pre-built app library, or easily configure one of your own. Eliminate bottlenecks in your process and say goodbye to manual, repetitive work. No dev resources required!


Enable Better Customer Experiences


Truly delight your customers. Keeping products, messaging, purchase history, and fulfillment coordinated across web, mobile, and in-store experiences is the new customer expectation. Toolkite lets you innovate on the customer experience by easily implementing new technology.


Sync Data From Any Source


Up and running in minutes.  Keep all of your commerce apps on the same page by syncing data between sales channels, shopping carts, fulfillment providers, marketing platforms, accounting tools, inventory managers, and more. Our number of supported sources is always growing!


Unified Data Warehouse for Commerce


Toolkite doesn't just pass data between connectors.  We bring it all under one roof and teach it to speak one language, giving us unprecedented ability to create powerful automations and surface insights across your customers, products, channels, and platforms. 


Connect Your App To An Ecosystem


One implementation, dozens of connections. Send your data to any e-commerce tool by connecting to Toolkite. Our open SDK gives your developers access to our platform, allowing you to keep your focus on building your product rather than on integrations.


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