A central hub for

all commerce data.

Empower the future with a clean, unified data source.


Import & Store Data

Toolkite connects to all of the commerce apps you use to run your online store with pre-built integrations.

Upon connecting, we import all of your customer, inventory, order, product, and shipment info into our Data Hub in a clean, normalized format.

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Detect New Changes

With connected apps, Toolkite listens to any changes and automatically imports the associated data. Toolkite becomes the central source of truth for your online store.


Notify Subscribed Apps

When we see a change in activity from an app, Toolkite automatically notifies downstream apps with the data they need to take action and perform their job.

Our engine powers complex use cases like multichannel sync, inventory management, connecting to 3PL partners, product information management, and accounting sync.

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Single View of Business

With your business information inside our Data Hub, you can see all activity across your entire business from one platform.

From the time an order is placed to when a shipment arrives, our Activity logs let you track the digital supply chain as your data flows across your tech stack.


Custom Data Handling

Create custom apps to eliminate bottlenecks in your processes and say goodbye to manual, repetitive work.

For advanced analytics, send our normalized version of your data to a warehouse of your choice.

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