Platform Pricing

Custom pricing for growing teams:

Toolkite works with technology partners who license our integration engine and growth stage e-commerce companies needing custom data integration projects. We like to learn about your use case & deliver a price quote fit for your specific needs.


Common Questions

How can I license your integration technology?

For partners who want to use Toolkite to power their integration libraries, our product is accessible through SDK, iframe, or whitelabel.


Can you connect to all my data sources?

If you're using popular cloud based e-commerce tools, chances are we can easily connect to your system. You can also access data from custom databases through our REST API connector. If you have a custom system, we're happy to talk about how we can help integrate that data. 


Does Toolkite store a copy of my commerce data?

Yes! After connecting to all of your systems, we import and centralize your commerce data in a clean, normalized format. This allows us to provide powerful workflow automation & insights into the behaviors of your customer base.


Will this work for my business?

If e-commerce integrations keep you up at night and you need better ways to connect your data, Toolkite will be a life saver.


What's the difference between you and a systems integrator?

Systems integrators write custom code for each project that gets deployed, which translates into higher costs and longer deployment times. Toolkite uses prebuilt API connections with popular cloud commerce apps and a powerful integration engine. This gives us flexibility and speed in deploying integration projects.


Do you offer free trials?

We don't offer free trials, but we have flexible pricing structures that can work for any type of project.