Toolkite Partner Program

Help your clients win while opening a new revenue stream for your agency.


Be An Integration Superhero

When doing platform upgrades for e-commerce clients, it can get complicated quickly. What starts out as a small website upgrade can quickly expand when custom shipping, inventory, accounting, or marketing needs arise.

Toolkite allows you to say "yes" to those requests—seamlessly integrating and automating your client's store to their specifications. Finally, you'll be the hero you've always promised you would be!


Earn Monthly Commissions

For every new user that you refer to Toolkite, we're happy to share ongoing percentage of their monthly subscription fee (up to 20%, depending on your situation). Diversify your revenue streams and start making recurring revenue from customers you are already servicing!

We value your vote of confidence in our platform. We want our partnership to benefit you not only from a tech perspective, but also in a way that is sustainable for your business. 



A Robust Platform

Toolkite is purpose-built to handle the specific integration and automation challenges in e-commerce. We are continually expanding our list of available connectors and have an accessible API for developers to create custom connections with Toolkite.

With our automation engine, we allow you to create custom transformations as data passes between two connectors. This allows you to easily meet expectations for your client's custom use-cases.

Never worry about version updates again. We always stay current with the latest API and app updates for our connector library.


Our serverless cloud platform grows with you, allowing you to add as many apps as necessary for your particular client or project. Never worry again about outgrowing your current tech stack.


Toolkite gives you total flexibility. Respond to webhooks using automation flows. Write light-weight code to transform data. Connect to remote APIs. Send data in batches. Or in real time. It’s all up to you. 


You can create custom workflow automation between connectors for product, inventory, customer, order, and shipment data. Use our connectors or build your own integrations using our SDK.


Our team has deep e-commerce integration experience and are committed to building a reliable, extensible, and intuitive platform. We're building the product we wish we had when running a retailer!

Code Example

Easily Access Your Data

Our platform takes care of it all.

With our API friendly platform, it's easy to access the data you need to power a custom connector. This code example shows how easy it is to retrieve product data from Amazon. 

When managing your connector apps, Toolkite takes care of all of the heavy lifting, including:

  • Authentication (OAuth 1 and 2, API keys, etc.)
  • Change Detection
  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Security
  • Optional data batching
  • Incoming webhooks
  • Polling
  • Error handling

Ready to partner?

Drop us a line at and let's make life easier for all of your customers.