Connect Skubana to Toolkite

Skubana helps you manage your inventory and unify your operations across multiple sales channels, fulfillment, and purchasing. Toolkite helps you centralize that data and connect it with other apps needed to run your e-commerce stack.


Get more with Toolkite - your Skubana connector tool! 

  • Source of Truth: Toolkite is able to centralize all of your order, product, inventory, and customer information across all of your e-commerce web apps. We act as a source of truth to send data where it needs to go.
  • Automate More Than Fulfillment: Step outside of Skubana's ops focused integration library to the other apps you need to run your marketing, accounting, sales channel automation.
  • Connect In An Afternoon: No longer is implementation a painful, drawn out process. With Toolkite, you can be up and running with new apps in an afternoon knowing that your order and customer information is safe in our data warehouse.

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