Connect Shopify to Toolkite

Shopify helps you launch an online store, sell your products, manage your inventory, and track your customers. Toolkite helps you keep Shopify in sync with any other cloud apps you use to manage sales channels, shipping, inventory, marketing and more.


Get more with Toolkite - your Shopify connector tool! 

  • Automate your store: Are Shopify's app store integrations not cutting it anymore? Use Toolkite to apply custom automation to your order data as it flows between your storefront and other cloud based e-commerce apps.
  • Be ready for growth: Do you need a new inventory tracker but keep putting it off? With Toolkite, you can upgrade or add new cloud software within an afternoon - giving you the flexibility to use the tools you need to deliver a great experience to your customers.
  • Customize your data: After you connect Shopify to Toolkite, you'll have complete control over all of your data. Apply custom business logic to your order details that will transform the way you do fulfillment.

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