Connect ShipStation to Toolkite

ShipStation is designed to save you time and money on e-commerce fulfillment and shipping. Toolkite is here to help you connect ShipStation to all of your sales channels, ensuring that every order comes through accurate and on time.


Get more with Toolkite - your ShipStation connector tool! 

  • Gain Visibility: View fulfillment related activity from 30,000 feet inside Toolkite. See trends and explore your historical order information inside of our data warehouse.
  • Custom Order Handling: It's easy to create triggers at any stage of the fulfillment process with Toolkite. If you want a notification sent to a certain warehouse upon ordering or an update to your accounting after shipment, it only takes a few minutes to setup!
  • Connect To Other Apps: It takes a lot of different apps to run a successful online store. We can take your shipping and fulfillment data and sync that with data from any of our other connectors. 

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