Connect Quickbooks to Toolkite

Quickbooks is the industry leading cloud based accounting software. Toolkite makes sure that all of your accounting information is automatically synced whenever you make a sale, regardless of the sales channel or fulfillment plan.


Get more with Toolkite - your Quickbooks connector tool! 

  • No Manual Data Entry: All of the relevant information is automatically sent over to Quickbooks whenever an order is placed on your website or any of your sales channels. Say goodbye to running reports and updating order information!
  • Realtime Financial Health: With order information automatically syncing to Quickbooks, you can see the financial health and know that it is up to date and accurate to your current sales.
  • Refocus Your Time: After you connect Quickbooks to Toolkite, you'll be able to rededicate efforts to other areas of your business that are more directly applicable to your customers.

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