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4 Reasons Why You Should Use an E-Commerce Automation Platform

Jordan Roper January 25, 2018
Jordan Roper

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Lets face it, employees at growing e-commerce companies are stretched in a hundred different directions, and every team member is flooded with responsibilities and challenges. As your company expands, the systems and processes you use to keep your business running can become increasingly outdated. When complexity rises, demands get more pressing, and the orders just keep rolling in, many companies find themselves focused on putting out short term fires instead of setting long term plans.

It’s easy to make quick hires to handle the unexpected complexity of fulfilling orders and satisfying customers, but the truth is that people don’t scale. In order to achieve sustainable growth, you need to automate your online store.

We understand automation at Toolkite. We’ve built an e-commerce automation platform specifically built for online sellers. We help online stores grow faster by replacing manual, repetitive tasks with automated workflows. After connecting all of the apps you use to run your business, we help you set up a series of Flows to automatically run workflows on product, order, customer, inventory, and shipment data between apps.

Although automation may sound great in theory, you’re probably already asking yourself this question:

“How could an automation platform actually help me?

Reason 1:  Eliminate Manual Work

Every minute that you or your employees spend managing data in a spreadsheet is time that could be better spent elsewhere. By using an automation platform, you can eliminate all of the manual aspects of selling and never worry again whether you forgot to update a certain app or document.

Freeing your team from the minutiae of pushing, pulling and tracking product, inventory, order and customer data across your apps gives them the opportunity to thrive in areas more vital to the long term health of your business: creative projects, team building, product launches, growth initiatives, and personal development.

Reason 2:  Do more with less

As you set up automation for your online store, you can achieve impressive return on investment for both your money and your time. Your small team will act like a band of superheroes as you give your personal touch to customer interactions that really deserve it because of the new time you’ve found after setting up Flows for all of your repetitive, standard tasks.

You can help your team’s efforts truly scale as you put automation systems into place. You’ll have greater reach, more visibility into the health and status of your business, and more ability to create personal experiences for your customers when they buy your products.

Reason 3:  Spend more time on strategy and growth

It can be a challenge for e-commerce leaders to dedicate time for strategy when they are inundated with the daily treadmill of selling and fulfilling, but in order to stay on top of your market and continue growing at a strong pace, it’s critical to set long term strategy plans related to growth.

Automating your store gives you the time to ask questions like “when should we launch new products,” “how can we keep customers satisfied,” “are there more cost effective marketing channels we should be using,” “should we be outsourcing our shipping and logistics,” and “how do we stay competitive in our market?"

Reason 4 - Improve customer experience

According to a Gartner study, 42% of CEOs report that better customer experience was “the key change that has driven more wins.” As e-commerce evolves, online sellers are finding better ways to interact with their customers. Advances in marketing tech, personalized shipping, storytelling, and product exploration are driving increased engagement and loyalty from customers.

Implementing many of these ideas requires using new technology. Using an automation platform makes it simple and easy to connect new apps to your tech stack. You can immediately sync over all of your customer data and tailor your customer experience without all of the IT hassles that may have prevented you in the past.


If you’re ready to put your online business into overdrive, it’s time to look into adopting an e-commerce automation platform. For a more detailed consultation on how automation can transform your business, sign up for a demo of Toolkite today!

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