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Connect Your Commerce App to our Ecosystem

Jordan Roper February 23, 2018

It’s no secret, e-commerce has seen a dramatic increase of new technology and fantastic software over the past five years. These new apps and tools are designed to meet very specific needs for online retailers and propel them into new levels of productivity and profitability. Cloud based models make it easier than ever to purchase, implement, and love these new powerful apps.

E-commerce companies are increasingly adopting these tools and continuing to use them as they scale. The industry as a whole is moving away from using large, all-in-one commerce platforms to a modular, microservices based architecture - allowing commerce companies to combine the best features of a variety of apps to create their own unique digital customer experience.

Because of these trends, interconnectivity is more important than ever. Is your commerce app able to connect and share data with other apps?

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Add A Digital Member To Your Ops Team

Jordan Roper February 14, 2018

Does your operations team carry the lion’s share of work in keeping your e-commerce business running smoothly? If so, you’re in good company. Managing all of the fulfillment, sourcing, and technology components of a scaling business is a serious undertaking - one that requires help at every turn.

Hiring new team members for each task is expensive and often unrealistic. Sourcing, onboarding, and training new candidates also takes important time from your team.

If you had one more team member, what would you have them do today? Is there a process, initiative, or upgrade that takes higher priority than others?

Can you automate that task?

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