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Press Release: Shoptalk 2018 Product Launch

Jordan Roper March 19, 2018


A powerful platform to unify and automate data across your e-commerce business

LAS VEGAS, NV - Mar. 19, 2018 — E-commerce apps don’t speak the same language. Mid-market and enterprise e-commerce businesses use dozens of apps to run their business, all of which have their own methods of storing and sharing data. Without a powerful team of developers and data managers on staff, there’s no straightforward way to integrate and surface insights from customer data at scale. This holds companies back from making better purchasing, hiring, and marketing decisions. Toolkite fixes that.

Toolkite helps e-commerce companies share data between the apps they’re already comfortable using. This allows companies to create custom automations to replace the repetitive tasks that most e-commerce companies are forced to do manually when managing inventory, 3PLs, sales channels, accounting, etc.

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Why You Need an E-Commerce Data Warehouse

Jordan Roper February 7, 2018

data warehouse

Technology stacks for growing e-commerce retailers tend to be quite complex. Customer and order data easily gets spread out across your shopping cart, multiple sales channels, inventory managers, marketing platforms, fulfillment providers, and financial reporting tools.

Which of these places serves as your source of truth? If you needed to see all relevant data for a particular customer, where would you go? Do your systems talk to each other, or does customer data live in isolation?

More importantly, if you could have all of the data from your e-commerce business under one roof, what would be the first thing you’d want to learn?

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