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Press Release: Shoptalk 2018 Product Launch

Jordan Roper March 19, 2018
Jordan Roper



A powerful platform to unify and automate data across your e-commerce business

LAS VEGAS, NV - Mar. 19, 2018 — E-commerce apps don’t speak the same language. Mid-market and enterprise e-commerce businesses use dozens of apps to run their business, all of which have their own methods of storing and sharing data. Without a powerful team of developers and data managers on staff, there’s no straightforward way to integrate and surface insights from customer data at scale. This holds companies back from making better purchasing, hiring, and marketing decisions. Toolkite fixes that.

Toolkite helps e-commerce companies share data between the apps they’re already comfortable using. This allows companies to create custom automations to replace the repetitive tasks that most e-commerce companies are forced to do manually when managing inventory, 3PLs, sales channels, accounting, etc.

By connecting inventory, sales, marketing, shipment, and order data across apps, e-commerce companies can more easily innovate and delight customers with personalized customer experiences.

Customer User Cases:

Inventory & Multichannel Management: Toolkite provides greater flexibility than traditional inventory management apps by letting you choose your inventory source of truth, determine where that data should be sent, and giving power to create custom rules on how the data is received. We saved one of our early customers $22k a year by providing a custom solution to handle quantity bundles and packs across multiple sales channels.

Product Information Management: After creating your product catalog in one sales channel or database, easily push that information to other sales channels, inventory systems, or shopping carts.

Customer Data Hub: With Toolkite’s Data Hub, we consolidate all order data associated with your customers in one place. From a central interface, see a full view of each customer, what they’ve bought, where they like to buy, and more - all without having to switch between multiple apps.

Data Warehouse for BI: Regain trust in integrity of data in your BI tool by importing normalized data from Toolkite. Our platform imports, cleans, and normalizes data before storing it in our Data Hub. Easily send info from our Data Hub to your BI tool, data warehouse, or SQL database.

Presence At Shoptalk:

Toolkite is proud to release this product during Shoptalk 2018, where the company is a Sponsor. Media, customers, and partners can visit Toolkite at booth SR27. CEO Eric Blum will be discussing the launch at 3:20 PM on Tuesday, March 20 at Techtalk Stage 2, Booth #1145 in Exhibit Hall.

To learn more about Toolkite, visit

Media Contact:

Jordan Roper - VP of Marketing

Toolkite, Inc.

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