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Connect Your Commerce App to our Ecosystem

Jordan Roper February 23, 2018
Jordan Roper

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It’s no secret, e-commerce has seen a dramatic increase of new technology and fantastic software over the past five years. These new apps and tools are designed to meet very specific needs for online retailers and propel them into new levels of productivity and profitability. Cloud based models make it easier than ever to purchase, implement, and love these new powerful apps.

E-commerce companies are increasingly adopting these tools and continuing to use them as they scale. The industry as a whole is moving away from using large, all-in-one commerce platforms to a modular, microservices based architecture - allowing commerce companies to combine the best features of a variety of apps to create their own unique digital customer experience.

Because of these trends, interconnectivity is more important than ever. Is your commerce app able to connect and share data with other apps?

Advantages of Being Connected:

Increases value for customer: Customers already love using your product for the problems you solve. If you can connect your service to other sources of data (sales channels, inventory systems, marketing tools), then the value of your product amplifies the value of other products.

Keeps them loyal as they scale: One of the major reasons for customer churn is that they outgrow your tool or it becomes too labor intensive to use. If your product continues delivering value AND communicates with the rest of the tech stack, it will keep your users engaged and much more likely to continue using your product.

Dramatically streamlines processes: We often hear of customers who love the features of a product so much (i.e. how easy it is to manage product descriptions in a Product Information Management platform) that they willingly put up with workarounds and manual efforts to use it. If your app automatically shares data with other apps, operations teams will sing your praises and finally be finished with exporting CSV’s and manually tracking data on their system.

Source of new customers: When your app is connected to an ecosystem, it makes it much easier to onboard new users who may have been hesitant to use your system because it doesn’t connect to their tools. This is a two way street - your customers are benefited and it becomes much easier for new customers to onboard from partner apps.

How We Help You Connect

With one connection to Toolkite, you’re enabled to share data with dozens of e-commerce specific applications. We make it easy for your dev team to connect your app to Toolkite with our open SDK, but if this step seems daunting we are happy to talk with your team.

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to connect to Toolkite, so we take care of all of the heavy lifting. This includes authentication (OAuth 1 & 2, API keys, etc.), change detection, data warehousing, data security, optional data batching, incoming webhooks, polling, and error handling.

Library of Connectors and SmartApps

After connecting to Toolkite, your app becomes part of our ecosystem. For new customers wanting to share data with your product, they can be up and running within minutes.

Once connected, customers can build SmartApps that share data between connectors based on a set of conditions they determine. After these SmartApps are created, they become part of our library. New customers can browse the SmartApp library, find a use case that fits the problem they need to solve, and easily implement that piece of automation.

This quickly provides value to your whole group of customers since they are able to both connect your app’s data to other tools and control the way that data is handled for their business.

Limited Maintenance

Toolkite takes care of maintaining integration integrity across our whole connector library, shifting the burden away from your internal development team. We track API version changes, giving customers uninterrupted and flexible access to the latest integration methods while being backwards compatible with old versions.

This means that the only integration you’ll need to help maintain is the connection between your app and Toolkite. Our development team makes that easy for you to update API details and continue serving your customers.


If you need your commerce app to share data with other applications, make it easy for your customers and join the Toolkite ecosystem.

Our constantly expanding list of e-commerce integrations gives you and your customers access to our library as we expand. Make data accessibility a competitive advantage for your company by connecting your app to Toolkite today - give us a call for more information.

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