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Add A Digital Member To Your Ops Team

Jordan Roper February 14, 2018
Jordan Roper

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Does your operations team carry the lion’s share of work in keeping your e-commerce business running smoothly? If so, you’re in good company. Managing all of the fulfillment, sourcing, and technology components of a scaling business is a serious undertaking - one that requires help at every turn.

Hiring new team members for each task is expensive and often unrealistic. Sourcing, onboarding, and training new candidates also takes important time from your team.

If you had one more team member, what would you have them do today? Is there a process, initiative, or upgrade that takes higher priority than others?

Can you automate that task?

For the many times when expanding your team isn’t a possibility, you should shift your focus towards gaining efficiency through software.

Here’s 4 reasons why it’s a great idea to add a digital member to your ops team:

Relieves Routine Work

When it comes to completing repetitive tasks related to your fulfillment process, implementing a software based solution is the best alternative. By connecting systems together, you can create workflow automations that continually keep data in sync across your tech stack. No downtime, no trips to the water cooler, and no human error.

With a digital operations assistant, you can refocus your team members on tasks that are more critical to the growth of your business.

It’s good practice to evaluate the health of your organization through a lens of the value that task contributes to your customers. As you go through your team’s tasks, ask “does my customer get value from this investment of time or money?”

If the answer doesn’t quickly get to the direct value it contributes, or claims an outsized portion of time, it’s time to either find a lower cost way to accomplish it or remove it from your priorities.

Amplifies The Efforts Of Your Team

How big is your ops team now? Whether it’s just the founders taking care of ops tasks, if you’ve hired a dedicated manager, or if your team is substantially larger, there is room to add efficiencies to their efforts through using a digital platform.

For the SMB founder, any task you can automate frees you up to work on other tasks in the business. It also delays you from needing to hire a dedicated operations employee while you grow.

For the small ops teams who often don’t have much technical capability, using a workflow automation and integration platform allows you to quickly add new connectors to your tech stack, have a central command center to view your business at a glance, and find the insights you need to quickly innovate on the customer experience.

And for growing teams, adding a digital member to your ops team can help you scale even faster. Adding an automation and integration platform can supplement the efforts of your development team to keep data consistent and in sync across your growing tech stack. It can cut implementation time and get your new ideas in the market quicker.

Dramatically Lowers Salary Cost

When the choice is between adding software or headcount to solve a new problem, it can be easy to make the case for return on investment.

Many growing e-commerce companies face a decision of whether they need to hire a developer to take care of all of their tech systems or work with the limited solutions they have. The expense to hire a developer can go well over $100,000 a year, making any reasonable alternative sound appealing.

Workflow automation and integration platforms often run between $2000 and $5000 a month for their enterprise tiers, providing the functionality you need to offset many of the tasks the developer would be working on.

When factoring in the additional speed of implementation for software vs custom code, the decision to use digital methods to improve your operations team becomes even more compelling.

Prepares You To Scale

Lastly, by adding a workflow automation platform to your tech stack, you’ll be prepared for growth as you continue to scale. With an operations hub at the center of your business, it’s easy to connect the new tools you need without the standard implementation time of custom development.

And with a workflow automation platform fully in place, as new automation needs arise, it’s simple to delegate those to your digital tools and keep your team focused on tasks that are valuable to customers.


If you’re looking to do more with less on your team, you should consider adding a digital member to your ops team who can take care of the repetitive, routine, and tech intensive tasks of scaling your business.

If you’d like some more ideas on how a workflow automation platform can help streamline efforts for your operations team, give us a call and we'd be happy to talk more about the advantages for your specific situation. ecommerce automation

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